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 postpartum recovery  


for every women regardless of how long ago you had your baby. 

Step 1: Online assessment 

Step 2: Personalised Plan 

Access to:

Personalised advice and support t o help YOU achieve YOUR goals.  

Medically Proven exercise based and rehab focused classes.​

Advice on  where to start and when and progress, with regular contact to ensure you are reaching your goals. 

Three new online rehab and exercise sessions each week. 

Workouts that can be done  at anytime for your convenience

A full library of videos to aid you in resolving symptoms and reaching your goals.  

Expert support throughout your journey from a Women's Health Physio

Join a community of like-minded women.

Access to monthly workshops

 12-wk programme

Enjoy the motivation of a sign-up without the expense. One payment of only $10 NZD opens the door to a daily 20-min workout each with a balance of strength and loading combined with flexibility and release.

Perfect for the busy mum, these small workouts are fast and effective and a great gateway into increasing your daily exercise and movement.

No equipment necessary. 


sign-up lasts 3mths


  • Guide to exercising during pregnancy

  • Pilates based videos for each trimester

  • Advice and videos for relieving pregnancy related aches and pains

  • Active birth advice  & Pre-birth preparation


  • Post-natal advice for recovery in the first weeks


sign-up lasts 40weeks