I'm Wendy Brown, a Women's Health Physio.

I help Women RECOVER after childbirth and manage conditions such as incontinence  and prolapse that can challenge a women's ability to exercise in a safe way.   

I enable Women to RECONNECT with their bodies through safe evidence based exercise and education. 

Daily exercise videos that are specific to what you need to aid in your recovery. 

As a physio I am qualified to provide proven advice and prescribe exercise that is beneficial as well as enjoyable. 

I would love to help you.

Lets make this work for you. 

Wendy x

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personalised input : expert support : online content 

feel confident doing the activities you love



Step 1: About YOU.

When you join you are emailed a quick screening questionnaire. This will  help me establish what we need to focus on. If a more detailed examination is required we can arrange a separate Face-to-Face or Online 1:1 assessment. 

Step 2: Get Moving

Join workouts Live or do them at a time that suits you. As a physio I guide you to firstly rehabilitate and restore your body.  We start by building your FOUNDATION and then guide you in progressions. Throughout this process we are implementing your plan with sound medical advice using the latest research to enable you to reach the outcomes you desire. 


For more help with your Pelvic Floor Function check out this summary of my Pelvic Health Workshop.